Frequently Asked Questions

How does Prospecat work?

Our search engine, searches through web pages to find leads based on your search criterea and emails based on companies email patterns.

Is it free?

Yes. You can create an account and get free credits each month.

What are email credits?

1 Lead search = 1 search from the leads search section (Empty results are not charged)

1 Lead search = 1 search from the leads search section (Empty results are not charged)

1 Email search = 1 Found email, from both sections : List manager and Person finder. (Not found emails are not charged)

Note that the leads search results number is limited by the results number. Which is special to the plan. To upgrade it, you have to upgrade your plan.

For more informations, contact us at or

When do I consume my credits?

You consume your credits when an lead/email search returns a valid result.

How can I get more credits?

When you consume your credits, you can upgrade to one of our paid plans starting from $29/month
Or purchase you can purchase a booster, but only when you are already subscribed to one of our paid plans.
If you are seeking a customized plan or package, please contact us

What is a Booster?

A booster is package of credits (emails or leads) that you can buy only when you are subscribed to a paid plan.

These credits doesn't expire. But you can only use them when your main subscription isn't expired.

When you have booster credits on top of your subscription credits, we give substruct credits first from the booster's ones.

What happens when I upgrade my account's subscription?

When you upgrade your account's subscription, we will keep your old credits and add the new credits.

This also applies when you downgrade your account.

When and how can I cancel my monthly subscription?

We don't support an automatic monthly billing for the time being. So you have to make a new purchase each month.

Are the found emails accurate?

The email finder isn't a perfect algorithm, so it has an accuracy that goes from 77% to 98%. You can always report inaccurate emails to us at You can also ask for a credit refund.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

Last modified: August 1th, 2021